Artificial Intelligence

Carnegie Mellon has been a leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) research since Herbert Simon and Allen Newell invented the field in the 1950s. 

Artificial Intelligence has evolved to address problems of probabilistic and numeric nature, leading to the incorporation of approaches from mathematics, engineering, operations research and economics. 

Our researchers scientifically build upon each others’ work, and research from other disciplines, creating analytical and highly systematic experimental work. The resulting AI systems can deal with uncertainty — both in an objective sense and in the sense that arises in those AI applications that include non-trivial perception.

The explosion of computerized information on the Internet, in data warehouses, and from physical sensory artifacts has also created large-scale problems for AI research. Carnegie Mellon has been at the forefront of that progress, with pioneering innovations in intelligent digital libraries, data representations and algorithms, market clearing technologies, and complex task-embedded robotic applications.

Carnegie Mellon faculty are recognized for their leadership in expanding beyond monolithic AI to multiagent systems, where the key challenge is the intelligent interaction of multiple parties. Finally, Carnegie Mellon faculty have led AI from the abstract (“Can one build a thinking machine?”) to a host of concrete applications and techniques that are significantly improving the world.



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Faculty Working in this Area

Last First Professional Title Available To Advise?
Balcan Maria Professor, Affiliated Faculty
Chen Tianqi Assistant Professor, Affiliated Faculty
Conitzer Vincent Professor
Datta Anupam Associate Professor, CSD, ECE
Erdmann Michael Professor, Computer Science and Robotics
Fahlman Scott Research Faculty Emeritus
Faloutsos Christos Professor
Gupta Anupam Professor
Hauptmann Alexander Research Professor
Hodgins Jessica Allen Newell University Professor of Computer Science and Robotics, Affiliated Faculty
Jia Zhihao Assistant Professor
Lee Tai-Sing Professor
Mitchell Tom Founders University Professor, E. Fredkin University Professor, Affiliated Faculty
O'Toole Matthew Assistant Professor, Affiliated Faculty
Pollard Nancy Professor, Affiliated Faculty
Raghunathan Aditi Assistant Professor
Reddy Raj Moza Bint Nasser University Professor
Rosenfeld Roni Affiliated Faculty; Department Head, Machine Learning Department; Professor
Rosenthal Stephanie Assistant Teaching Professor
Sandholm Tuomas Angel Jordan University Professor of Computer Science
Shah Nihar Assistant Professor, Affiliated Faculty
Simmons Reid Research Professor, Affiliated Faculty
Sleator Daniel Professor
Touretzky David Research Professor
Woodruff David Professor
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