Computer Science Department

Our mission is to lead in computer science research and education that has real-world impact — to push the frontiers of the field and produce the next generation’s leaders.

Beginning August 31, Carnegie Mellon will offer a hybrid model of teaching and learning. The hybrid model allows for in-person and remote instruction to better prepare for the fluid conditions of the pandemic.

Computer Science Department Remote Delivery & Remote Work Resource Page

  • The Computer Science Department admits students to an undergraduate program that you are guaranteed to find rigorous and dedicated to the real-world training and practical problem solving that has been the hallmark of computer science education at CMU since its inception.

  • We offer three distinct master’s options for students who have completed (or will complete) a bachelor’s degree and want to extend their training in computer science. Our largest program is the M.S. in Computer Science, which allows students to work with their academic advisor to create their own course of study.

  • Carnegie Mellon's Ph.D. in Computer Science is, above all, a research degree. We certify that our students have a broad foundation and awareness of core concepts in computer science, have advanced the field by performing significant original research and have reported that work in a scholarly fashion.

CSD Research Areas

Research in the Computer Science Department is sustained by the strong foundations of our history. Building on that groundwork we are fearless in pushing the frontiers of our field and acting quickly to pursue new directions.

Our Faculty Research Guide (FRG) is a good starting point to see which faculty are working on some of today's most interesting research challenges. 

Undergraduate independent research in Computer Science is done as an Independent Study or as a Senior Thesis (which typically grows out of a prior Independent Study experience).

Faculty and Undergraduate Research

Faculty Hiring

The Computer Science Department hires faculty candidates with strong interests in graduate and undergraduate education, track records of innovative research, and outstanding academic credentials. Tenure-track and research-track faculty positions become available at unscheduled intervals, as needs and programs change. For more information please refer to the information provided on our current faculty hiring page.

Enrichment & Outreach

Computer science education at Carnegie Mellon goes way beyond the classroom. As a member of the Computer Science Department, you’ll become part of a thriving community that strives to better the world around it through outreach, volunteerism and community service.