CSD Marketing Guidelines

Items for CSD News and Announcements

Send information about awards & funding, research projects and other noteworthy items to be announced to:


Unsure if it is news/announcement worthy? Send it and we will check in with you to determine where the info fits. 

Are you on social media? Let us know so the department can connect or follow!

Email your social media info to: csd-marcom-info@cs.cmu.edu

Or connect with CSD: Twitter | LinkedIn | Facebook

CSD Marketing Brand Standards Reference

Department branding follows university guidelines very closely. We use an approved unitmark, which was created by university marketing, along with our logo to help distinguish the department within the school and university branding structure.

If you have any questions about department marketing & communications please email:

Department logo with unitmark in horizontal and block (vertical use) formats

    • Note: There is a color difference for print versus web. If you have questions about which files to use please use the email above and we will help you find the correct files for your use.
      • Files for print use - updated December 2019 - (horizontal & block in 4 color color are currently downloadable)
      • Files for use on web pages and in presentations - updated July 2020 - (horizontal & block in 4 color color are currently downloadable, including a Google Forms header image. Requires CMU Box login to download files.)

Branded template files:

  • Presentation Templates are being updated and will be posted when completed

If a file you need isn't linked here yet, please use the csd-marcom-info@cs.cmu.edu email to request specific image types or files with appropriate branding. Turnaround time is usually within 12-24 hours. 

PLEASE do not make separate directories to share these files. Bookmark and refer back to this page to download files so you have the most recent files available.

You can bookmark or save the link to the CMU Box download directory to be certain you will have access to the latest versions when they are made available. Downloads will be made available to the CMU community (and will require authentication).

Any external requests should be sent to csd-marcom-info@cs.cmu.edu  and we will determine the appropriate image/file to provide. 

Department Logo with Unitmark Use Guidance

  • Whenever reasonable, the horizontal version of the logo-unitmark combination should be used for department branding.
  • For items like mugs or other items that can’t effectively accommodate the longer horizontal you can use the block/vertical format that will fit the space better.
  • The stylized CSD logo portion should NOT be used by itself. Branding should always include the university/department unitmark in combination with the logo.

Guidance for use of the 4-color Computer Science Logo and Unitmark

Department Door Labels:

 Example Label Layouts:

image with 3 example door plates for the computer science department - Staff, Faculty, Student


School of Computer Science Marketing and Communications


Carnegie Mellon University Marketing Brand Standards Reference

If you are not familiar with what the university has developed please take time to look at their site to see what they provide and what their guidelines are:

CMU Marketing & Communications Brand Standards

University style guides cover:

  • Brand
  • Web
  • Writing
  • Social Media
  • Merchandise

NOTE: There is also a link on this page to trademarks and licensing policies that you should be aware of before using images or wordmarks or unitmarks on websites, branded items, or providing university logos/graphics to a third party (such as a sponsor of a conference, etc.).

University Logos, Colors and Type


The Carnegie Mellon University visual identity creates a widely recognized image of the university brand.

It is critical that the university adopts a consistent use of Carnegie Mellon’s official wordmark, colors and typography to enhance global visibility and reputation.

Marketing & Communications is responsible for the creation and stewardship of our visual brand. For any suggestions or comments, please contact them at 412-268-6963, or email them.

https://www.cmu.edu/marcom/brand-standards/logos-colors-type.html University downloads can be found here: https://www.cmu.edu/marcom/brand-standards/downloads/index.html (authentication required)


Open Sans

Open Sans is the preferred typeface of Carnegie Mellon University. Optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces with excellent legibility characteristics, Open Sans is free for all mediums and performs well on both Windows and Macintosh Operating Systems.

Download Open Sans

Additional typography guidance is available on the university marketing & communications pages.



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