Robotics explores the problem of how a machine can interact with the physical world as effectively as humans and other living creatures. At Carnegie Mellon, we typically divide this ability into the three categorie: perception, cognition and action. Some research efforts are focused in just one of these areas, but an important thread in robotics is to study an entire integrated system. Carnegie Mellon has strong efforts of both types: studies of machine perception and artificial intelligence in particular, and also studies of integrated robotic systems working in key application areas. We have particular strengths in learning robots and human robot interaction.

Faculty working in this area:

Lastsort ascending First Title Email
Wactlar Howard Research Faculty Emeritus
Veloso Manuela M. Courtesy Faculty Member; Herbert A. Simon University Professor of Computer Science
Touretzky David Research Professor
Simmons Reid Research Professor
Reddy Raj Moza Bint Nasser University Professor
Pollard Nancy Professor
Mason Matthew Professor, Computer Science and Robotics
Hodgins Jessica Professor
Erdmann Michael Professor, Computer Science and Robotics
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