Ruben Martins

Ruben Martins

Assistant Research Professor

Office 7129 Gates and Hillman Centers


Computer Science Department

Administrative Support Person
Christina Contreras

Research Interests

Margarida Ferreira Farina

CSD Courses Taught

15414 - Spring, 2024

15614 - Spring, 2024


Ruben received his Ph.D. with honors from the Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal (2013). He was a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Oxford, UK (2014-2015), and a postdoctoral researcher at UT Austin (2015-2017). He has published in top-tier venues, including, POPL, PLDI, FSE, SAT, CP, and has won a distinguished paper award at PLDI 2018 for his work on program synthesis. He has also developed several award-winning constraint solvers and is the main developer of Open-WBO: an open-source Maximum Satisfiability (MaxSAT) solver that won several gold medals in MaxSAT competitions. Open-WBO is used to solve many real-world discrete optimizations problems including finding an optimal seating arrangement for his own wedding.

Research/Teaching Statement

Research interests lie in the intersection of constraint programming with program synthesis, analysis, and verification. Recent research focuses on using programming synthesis to improve programmer’s productivity and to automate data science-related tasks.