Justine Sherry - Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon Univ

Justine Sherry

Assistant Professor

Office: 9227 Gates & Hillman Centers

Email: justines@andrew.cmu.edu

Research Summary:
I am new faculty at CMU and am actively looking to take on students in the 2017-2018 school year. My work focuses on computer networks: I’ve worked in the past on topics like network functions virtualization, network privacy and security, congestion control, datacenter networking, Internet measurement, and Internet architecture. The bulk of my recent work has focused on network functions virtualization and network devices called middleboxes.
Recent Work: Today’s networks perform a wide range of specialized tasks such as rewriting packet contents to make use of new protocols or scanning packets for evidence of malicious activity. These tasks are performed by special-purpose devices called middleboxes. While once considered a rarity, my research has shown that middleboxes are ubiquitously deployed and yet costly and complicated to manage. My work advocates an alternate architecture for supporting middlebox functionality: I propose that middlebox functionality be implemented as a software service that runs in the cloud. I have designed, implemented and evaluated systems that allow enterprises to outsource middlebox processing to third party providers, demonstrating not only how to implement outsourcing, but also how to provide fault-tolerance and privacy for software-based middleboxes. Thus, my research brings the benefits of cloud computing to networking. Some of the technologies I have developed are already being adopted in industrial systems.
Learn More: You can read more about my research on middleboxes and other topics on my homepage.