Theory Talk

— 2:30pm

7501 - Gates Hillman Centers

RICHARD PENG , Assistant Professor

Batch-Dynamic Graph Algorithms

We study parallel algorithms for large evolving graphs: the edges are distributed over machines with small space, and updates/queries arrive in small batches. We give constant round batch-dynamic algorithms for several problem considered difficult to solve in O(1) parallel rounds statically, including undirected connectivity, directed max-matching, and maximal independent set.Lower bounds in this model face difficulties inherent to communication-based models: the machines can perform arbitrarily powerful computations between rounds of communications. Here we obtain a separation in the difficulties of batch-dynamic undirected connectivity by combining adaptivity with P-hardness reductions.

Based on ongoing works with Laxman Dhulipala, David Durfee, Janardan Kulkarni, Saurabh Sawlani, and Xiaorui Sun.

Faculty Host: Gary Miller

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