Computer Science Speaking Skills Talk

— 5:30pm

9115 - Gates and Hillman Centers

Ph.D. Student, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University

Building Artist Tools for Intuitive Modeling of Character Hand-Object Interactions

Creating high-quality, visually compelling interactions between animated characters and their environments is a cornerstone in the production process of traditional CG film and television. However, even with state-of-the-art existing tools, this process is notoriously time-consuming in practice even for seasoned professionals, and especially daunting for novice animators. Drafting high-quality interactions between character hands and objects, for example, is particularly challenging due to the contact-rich nature of the interactions and the fact that humans are inherently experts at judging hand poses. 

In this talk, we present novel tools for modeling and automatically computing high-quality hand-object interactions by elevating contact areas to first-class primitives. Specifically, we introduce a novel contact model that enables artists to both draft and edit contact areas directly on 3D triangulated surfaces. Our tools provide an intuitive, low-dimensional representation that allows even novice animators to quickly and robustly draft high-quality poses from scratch and in a manner that can be easily integrated into a standard, art-directable production workflow common to most studios today.

Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the CSD Speaking Skills Requirement.

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