Computer Science Speaking Skills Talk

— 12:00pm

In Person - Gates Hillman 7501

YIGE HONG , Ph.D. Student, Computer Science Department, Carnegie Mellon University

Sharp Waiting-time Bounds for Multiserver Jobs

Multiserver jobs, which are jobs that occupy multiple servers simultaneously during service, are prevalent in today's computing clusters. But little is known about the delay performance of systems with multiserver jobs. We consider queueing models for multiserver jobs in scaling regimes where the system load becomes heavy and meanwhile the total number of servers in the system and the number of servers that a job needs become large.  Prior work has derived upper bounds on the queueing probability in this scaling regime. However, without proper lower bounds, the existing results cannot be used to differentiate between policies.

In this work, we study the delay performance by establishing sharp bounds on the mean waiting time of multiserver jobs, where the waiting time of a job is the time spent in queueing rather than in service.  We first characterize the exact order of the mean waiting time under the First-Come-First-Serve (FCFS) policy. Then we prove a lower bound on the mean waiting time of all policies, which has an order gap with the mean waiting time under FCFS. Finally, we show that the lower bound is achievable under a priority policy that we call Smallest-Need-First (SNF).

Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the CSD Speaking Skills Requirement.

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