Pittsburgh Quantum Institute Seminar

— 4:00pm

In Person and Virtual - ET - Allen Hall 321, 3941 O'Hara Street (Pitt Campus)

WOLFGANG PFAFF, Assistant Professor, University of Ilinois Urbana-Champaign

Robust entanglement generation between separated superconducting qubits

Mediating interactions and generating entanglement between separated qubits is a fundamental physics problem as well as an important ingredient for scalable quantum technology. On one hand, the ability to create entanglement between qubits that are not immediate neighbors enables modular quantum devices and high connectivity in quantum processors. On the other hand, it is an intriguing fundamental question to ask what the limits are for creating pure entangled states between non-interacting qubits.

I will discuss two ongoing efforts in my group that are targeting both practical and fundamental aspects: First, we are realizing a scheme to connect superconducting qubits located on different devices with high fidelities through detachable cable connections; this effort is geared towards developing means to scale quantum processors beyond single wafers. Second, we have developed a driven-dissipate protocol with which we aim to show experimentally steady-state remote entanglement between qubits that do not interact coherently. This effort can be understood as a way of using bath engineering to mediate interactions.

Through these approaches, we aim to advance the scaling of superconducting quantum devices and shed light on the question of how distributed quantum states may be preserved in open systems.

The Pittsburgh Quantum Institute (PQI) was founded in 2012 with the mission “to help unify and promote quantum science and engineering in Pittsburgh”. With financial support from the Dietrich School of Arts and Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh, PQI provides leadership throughout Pittsburgh in areas that impact the “second quantum revolution”.

PQI faculty members (currently more than 100) have appointments from Pitt, CMU, and Duquesne University, in physics, chemistry, engineering, computer science, business, and philosophy of science.

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