AI Institute for Societal Decision Making Seminar

— 4:30pm

In Person and Virtual - ET - Newell-Simon 4305 and Zoom

GRETCHEN CHAPMAN, Department Head and Professor, Social & Decision Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University,

Messages, Mores, Mandates, and Misunderstandings in Immunization

Vaccination decisions provide a venue for investigating multiple psychology constructs such as risk perception, weighting of delayed consequences, and influence of social norms. Following the Increasing Vaccination Model, I present several studies demonstrating small effects of ownership language reminders and social norm messages and large effects of employer mandates on vaccination intentions and behavior. Perceived vaccine efficacy is strongly associated with vaccination behavior and yet vaccine efficacy represents a numerically complex concept of relative risk reduction. I present experiments documenting an error many lay people make in interpreting vaccine efficacy. Simple tutorial interventions correct this error, but the benefits of these tutorials—even non-numerical tutorials—accrue primarily to participants high in numeracy. 


Gretchen Chapman has been a Professor in Social & Decision Sciences since 2017. Prior to joining the faculty at CMU, Dr. Chapman was a Distinguished Professor of Psychology at Rutgers University where she served as Department Chair of Psychology and Acting Co-Director of the Center for Cognitive Science.  She is the recipient of an APA early career award and a NJ Psychological Association Distinguished Research Award and is a fellow of APA and APS.  She is a former senior editor at Psychological Science, a past president of the Society for Judgment & Decision Making, the author of  more than 100 journal articles, and the recipient of 20 years of continuous external funding. 

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