SCS Senior Honors Thesis Presentations

— 3:00pm

In Person and Virtual - ET - Rashid Auditorium, Gates Hillman 4401 and Zoom

We invite SCS to join us for the Senior Honors Thesis presentations, as part of Meeting of the Minds. This year, the presentations will be held in person in Rashid Auditorium. See updating schedule, abstracts/posters.  The presentations will be recorded. Zoom participation is possible. See announcement.

  • 10:00 AM → Fern Limprayoon   (Advisor: Aaron Steinfeld)
  • 10:20 AM → Akhil Nadigatla   (Advisor: Pradeep Ravikumar)
  • 10:40 AM → Daniel Schaffer   (Advisors: Andreas Pfenning & Irene Kaplow)
  • 11:00 AM → Alan Lai   (Advisors: Leila Wehbe & Eric Yttri)
  • 11:20 AM → Ryan Liu   (Advisor: Nihar Shah)
  • 11:40 AM → David Park  (Advisor: Kris Kitani)
  • 12:00 PM → Gustavo Silvera   (Advisor: Henny Admoni)  (Work In Progress mini-presentation)
  • 12:10 PM → Olivia Xu   (Advisor: Chinmay Kulkarni)  (Work In Progress mini-presentation)
          Lunch: Break
  • 1:00 PM → Steven Lu   (Advisor: Guy Blelloch)
  • 1:20 PM → Maggie Zhang   (Advisor: Rita Singh)
  • 1:40 PM → Gabriel Rasskin   (Advisor: LP Morency)
  • 2:00 PM → Aditi Gupta   (Advisor: Frank Pfenning)
  • 2:20 PM → Simran Kaur   (Advisor: Zachary Lipton)
  • 2:40 PM → Harrison Grodin   (Advisor: Bob Harper)

Harrison Grodin
Research Advisor: Robert Harper — Compiler Flags as Types

Aditi Gupta
Research Advisor: Frank Pfenning — Ergometric Quasi-Linear Futures

Simran Kaur
Research Advisor: Zachary Lipton —  On the Dubious Relationship Between Flatness and Generalization

Ryan Liu
Research Advisor: Nihar Shah — Identifying Human Biases in Conference Peer Review via Real-Subject Experiments

Steven Lu
Research Advisor: Guy Blelloch — Efficiently Estimating Neighborhood Size and Distances in Large Undirected Graphs

Akhil Nadigatla
Research Advisor: Pradeep Ravikumar — Towards Efficient Neural Zeroth-Order Optimization Algorithms

David Park
Research Advisor: Kris Kitani — Cross-Modality Supervised Learning for 3D Object Detection

Gabriel Rasskin
Research Advisor: Louis-Philippe (LP) Morency — Self-Supervised Multimodal Representation Learning

Daniel Schaffer
Research Advisor: Andreas Pfenning — A Comparative Genomics Approach to Identifying Candidate Enhancers Associated with Phenotypes

Maggie Zhang
Research Advisor: Rita Singh — The Use of Vocal Fold Dynamics for Automatic Detection of ALS Through Voice

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