Philosophy Colloquium

— 5:45pm

Steinberg Auditorium A53 - Baker Hall

LARRY S. MOSS , Professor

Natural Logic

Speaker: Larry S. Moss

Location: Baker A53

Natural Logic

Much of modern logic originates in work on the foundations of mathematics. My talk reports on work in logic that has a different goal, the study of inference in language. This study leads to what I will call "natural logic", the enterprise of studying logical inference in languages that look more like natural language than standard logical systems. I will sketch the history of this field, and I also will try to make as many connections as possible to work by the CMU community, broadly considered. For example, we have computer programs which can carry our small but significant entailment tasks on language "in the wild", and this work calls on syntax (categorial grammar, but extended), semantics (typed lambda calculus, again extended), logic, and algorithms. We also have new tools for teaching basic logic that come from this area.

The talk should appeal to mathematical logicians interested in completeness and complexity results, including ones for logical systems that are not first-order; philosophers of logic curious about syllogistic reasoning and its many modern extensions, and also about taking inference seriously in the foundations of semantics; and computer scientists working in natural language processing and especially in textual entailment.

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