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Lightweight Security Architectures for IoT Fog Networks

This project focuses on enabling secure, distributed, and continuous machine learning in edge networks that are characterized by agent heterogeneity and autonomy, constraints on computational and energy resources, and stringent performance requirements, particularly on latency. This new paradigm of distributed machine learning, based on on-device computing and device-to-device communication at the edge of the network, has received significant attention lately. However, critical issues of security and resilience have been relatively less explored and the developments have mostly been fragmented. For example, distributed ML has not addressed the need to tolerate agent failure and capture without persistent performance degradation, followed by seamless agent removal and replacement without human intervention beyond simple release of new agents; nor has it addressed the need to assure both private and authentic inter-agent communication despite traffic-analysis and message-injection attacks. This project aims to develop principled approaches for secure and resilient continuous machine learning in distributed agent networks. Specifically, by employing scalable randomized key-predistribution-based mechanisms (in conjunction with resilient distributed algorithms that exploit task-specific redundancies), we propose to develop novel methodologies for continuous distributed machine learning with performance guarantees and security assurances against broad classes of adversarial attacks and anomalies including node capture and data injection attacks. 

In this talk, we will report our recent progress towards achieving the goals outlined above, specifically on achieving secure connectivity in heterogeneous settings using a randomized key predistribution mechanism. We will also present results showing how to ensure that the network can tolerate failure of certain number of agents or links.

Vaibhav will bepresenting,Professors Osman Yagan and Swarun Kumar’s  project, “Lightweight Security Architectures for IoT Fog Networks”.

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