15-418/818: Design of Educational Games Virtual Final Project Showcase

— 8:30pm

In Person - Newell-Simon Hall 1109

Student teams of 4-5 have spent the last half of the semester hard at work with the goal of creating excellent educational games for their final projects in 05-418/818 Design of Educational Games. Overcoming the challenges of hybrid collaboration and playtesting, they have created 9 great games that they are excited to show off.  We are returning to an in-person showcase this year so our teams can show off the work they’ve done to the broader HCII and CMU communities.  During the showcase members of each team will be standing by to give walkthroughs and hands-on demos of their completed games. Featured Projects:

Save Yourself - by Team Burn Brigade — A board game for teaching home fire safety to elementary school aged kids Platform: tabletop Plant Reapers  by Team Poison A board game for teaching edible, medicinal, and poisonous plant identification to adults interested in botany and wilderness exploration. Platform: tabletop Jitter Jive by Team ELOS — A board game for teaching performance anxiety management strategies to undergraduate students. Platform: tabletop YoungWork Quest by Team Failed Ice Breaker — A Tabletop RPG for teaching college students the process of preparing and applying for internships. Platform: Tabletop Survive the Party by Team Heavy METALS — A digital game for teaching college freshman about sexual consent. Players play the role of a ghost floating around a college party and overhearing conversations about sex. The ghost must evaluate the conversation as it unfolds and decide if they need to intervene! Platform: Downloadable Unity Game File Lingo Limbo by Team Lingo Limbo — A board game for providing second language english speakers low stakes opportunities for fluency practice Platform: tabletop CyberBattle by Team Overthinkers — CyberBattle is a card game to educate college students on active cyber threats and common defense practices. We want to encourage players to critically think about the defense mechanisms they employ to defend against attacks. Platform: tabletop Plant Parenthood by Team Plant Nursery — Plant Parenthood is a browser-based game that teaches college students how to raise common houseplants! Players are given a plant-opedia that will chronicle their journey through the hardships of indoor plant care as they learn actions including watering, moving, and soiling them.  Platform: Unity Color Feary by Team Name Goes Here — A digital game to teach middle and high school students new to art and design about color theory. Platform: Unity More information on the final project assignment .

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