Visiting the CSD Undergraduate Program

Please note that the CS undergraduate program is not currently doing in-person visits for prospective students.

Dear Prospective Student,

There are a number of resources about the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science for you to explore to learn about culture, community, and curriculum.

A great place to start is our virtual tour of SCS led by our students.

Choose the School of Computer Science (SCS) for your undergraduate education; directors of the Computer Science, Computational Biology, and Artificial Intelligence provide information about those programs through recorded info sessions.

Some basic info about an SCS undergraduate degree:

  • Students enter the School of Computer Science "undecided" and your first year courses are requirements for all four programs. You have opportunities to explore Artificial Intelligence, Computational Biology, Human Computer Interaction and CS. There are research opportunities at Carnegie Mellon for first year students (plus much more).
  • In March of your first year, with help from your first year advisor, you choose the B.S. degree you want to pursue. All enrolled students can choose the Computational Biology or the Computer Science B.S. There are simple application processes for Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction primary majors. All SCS students have equal access to all SCS courses, regardless of their degree program.  
  • A minor or a concentration is required for the Computer Science B.S. degree. Students doing the other B.S. degrees can do a minor or concentration, but it is not required for those degrees.   

For current AP / IB and Cambridge credit questions information is available via the Division of Enrollment Services AP/IB Credit page.

The Carnegie Mellon Career & Professional Development Center offers information about where students work during internships and after graduation. You'll notice that most of our students do internships, and those who want professional positions (almost all) have them after graduation. 

We aren't all work and no play! SCS Day is one of the many extracurricular opportunities available to our SCS students. The talent show on SCS Day is especially fun to watch! 

Below are resources that may be of interest to you:

Admitted students should contact me directly at 412-268-9497 or email

I look forward to hearing from you!

Mary Widom, Undergraduate Program Coordinator

OFFICE: Gates Center, 4115

updated 04/05/2022