CSD Undergraduate Program Contacts

Here’s where to find us

CS Undergraduate Office
Carnegie Mellon University
Gates Center 4115
Pittsburgh, PA 15213
Phone: 412-268-5561


Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education Tom Cortina 412-268-3514 www
Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Experience Veronica Peet 412-268-3750
Computer Science Undergraduate Program Director & Asstistant Dean for Outreach Mark Stehlik   www
Undergraduate Program Administrator Mary Widom    
Undergraduate Program and Academic Events Coordinator Amy Weis    
Teaching Assistant (TA) Coordinator Charlie Garrod www
Director of Student Activities & SCS College Liaison Elizabeth Vaughan 412-268-8704 www
First-Year Advisor Veronica Peet    
Class of 2024 Advisor Charlie Garrod   www
Class of 2024 Advisor Michael Hilton   www
Class of 2024 Advisor Dilsun Kaynar   www
Class of 2023 Advisor Mark Stehlik   www
Class of 2022 Advisor Mark Stehlik   www