The Conscious TM (CTM) Structure/Dynamics - Image Long Description

CTM Diagram Alt Text

Image Title:  The Conscious TM (CTM) Structure/Dynamics - the word Conscious and the “C” in CTM are both green text; the rest of the text is black.

The image below the title consists of a series of boxes with labels and arrows making connections and indicating directional flow. Where text color is not specified it is black.

There are two solid light blue boxes on the left side. 

The upper left blue box contains text in three centered rows in the box:


CONSCIOUS (in red text)

SMALL (in red text) 

There are two arrows below this box indicating flow between the two blue boxes on the left of the image. 

A gray arrow pointing up, labeled to the left: Up-Tree (in bold gray text) COMPETITION, next to that is a green arrow pointing down, labeled to the right: Fast (in bold green text), BROADCAST. 

The lower left blue box contains text in multiple centered rows:


UNCONSCIOUS (in red text)

MANY (bolded) parallel processors, links emerge over time (this line of text wraps in the box)

To the right of the upper blue box there are three green boxes spanning the width of the image. 

Of the three green boxes the left most box has a gradation dark to light horizontally and is labeled in two centered rows: 


read only (in red text)

Below this box are 4 graphics: eye, ear, nose, & skin representing sensory input. 

The middle box has a solid light green background and a dark green border. It is labeled in three centered rows: 



read/write (in red text)

At the bottom of the middle box, overlapping the green box slightly, there is a small white box outlined in red with the word Chunk, also in red. 

The right most box completes the set of three green boxes, with gradation from light to dark. It is labeled in two centered rows: 


write only (in red text)

Below this box there are graphics for a leg, arm and lips, with radiating arcs to the right of the lips indicating speech, representing output.

Below these three green boxes there is a network of lines and circles representing nodes, which looks like a net stretched as a half circle. The lines at the top of the half circle intersect the small red outlined white box on the right and left. Lines from the net stop at the top of and touch all 9 gray boxes outlined in blue at the bottom of the image.

Below the left green box there are two blue arrows pointing down to the row of 9 gray boxes. The arrows point respectively to the fist and second boxes in the row of 9 contiguous rectangles. 

Radiating down from the small white box labeled “Chunk” there are 10 green arrows pointing down to each of the 9 boxes at the bottom of the image. The tenth arrow is pointing off to the right of the row of boxes indicating there are more in this series.

Below the righthand green box there are two blue arrows pointing up from boxes 6 and 7 in the row of nine gray boxes. 

Each gray box has a label in black text at the top: Processor

There is black line below “Processor” and each of the boxes has the text “Memory” below that.

There are additional images and text in 8 of the boxes:

Box 1: Text - Visuospacial, Sketchpad (blue text).

Box 2: Text - Inner Speech (bold and speech is italic, red text), Verbal Rehearsal (in blue text).

Box 3: Image - multicolor logo for the search engine Google.

Box 4: Image & text - multipoint star logo and text for Wolfram Alpha (oranges and reds).

Box 5: Image & text - round logo for Apple Siri (blue, purple & white) with Siri in black text below.

Box 6: Image & text - logo comprised of a blue gradated circle in the middle of a ring of circles in black (6 outline only, 6 solid black, alternating around outer ring) with text AlphaGo below.

Box 7: Text - Model of World (red and bold).

Box 8: Text - Procedural Memory (gray text slightly darker than the box background).

Box 9 has no additional content below the “Processor - black line - Memory” labels at the top of the box. It is intended to indicate there are more in the series. The outline for this box fades away on the right.

The far right side of the series of gray boxes has 4 slightly darker gray arrow evenly spaced, pointing to the right, reinforcing the indication there are more types of memory in the series.

The last element of the image is at the bottom of the series of gray boxes. There is a curved line in orange with arrow heads on both ends pointing to the 2nd and 7th boxes in the series indicating information flows bi-directionally between Processor/Memory locations.