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Remote Delivery/Work Resources

This page will be an evolving resource as we implement tools and identify additional resources for students, staff & faculty.

Most recent update: Monday, March 30 —  NEW information for Zoom and iOS devices for remote delivery.

For the latest University information on teaching modes please refer to the CMU Covid-19 Updates site.

Resources for Remote Course Delivery, Talks, & Meetings

Resources for Remote Work Set Up

Specific notices or recommendations (time sensitive)

March 23:

Zoombombing (NYT article) and recommendations:

  • Zoombombing can be on purpose or by accident (misdial, mistype). There are several settings in your Zoom account (click Setting on the left menu when signed in at that can be set by default. Consider these settings
    • Most important: Screen Sharing - Host only (Note: you can override this during the meeting if you wish)
    • Allow removed participants to rejoin - No
    • Disable desktop/screen share for users - Yes (allows certain apps only, not desktop share)
    • File transfer - No
    • Allow host to put attendee on hold - Yes (Then you would click on Manage Participants in the host controls, hover over the name of the attendee you want to put on hold, Click More, and then Put on hold.)

March 18:

  • Comcast is reporting local outages in Allegheny County
  • Zoom is reporting longer than usual turn-around times (24-48 hours) for rendering RECORDINGS of Zoom sessions that were set to be stored in the cloud. (Note: This does not affect live Zoom sessions.)
  • If you or your students need access to a Zoom session RECORDING within 24 hours of the live session, please set your Zoom meeting’s RECORDING setting to: “on the local computer” (not: “save to the cloud”). Make sure you have sufficient file storage space on your laptop or desktop computer (mobile device capacity may not be sufficient to record locally).
  • Note: This is a timely recommendation that we hope is temporary and that only applies to cases where recordings are needed within 24 hours of the live session.
  • Once you have the saved recording on your local computer, be sure to post the recording in a location where students must authenticate to access (e.g., Canvas), so that only students in your class have direct access: how-to instructions 
  • If you or your students experience bandwidth issues Eberly has Tips on Managing Bandwidth.