Carnegie Mellon Featured on CBS's "60 Minutes"

SCS Dean Andrew Moore Discusses Impact of AI With Charlie Rose

When CBS's "60 Minutes" decided to do a two-part report on the state of artificial intelligence, they came to Pittsburgh to see the state of the art and talk with SCS Dean Andrew Moore about where AI is taking humankind. That report, by correspondent Charlie Rose, aired on Oct. 9.

In addition to Rose's interview with Moore, the second part of the report featured the National Robotics Engineering Center's autonomous boat; the CHIMP disaster response robot; and the Computer Science Department's Gabriel, a wearable cognitive assistant.

Carnegie Mellon also is highlighted in an online-only 60 Minutes Overtime report, in which the university is described as a "wonderland of innovation." Robots including HERB the robot butler, snakebots and Land Tamer, an autonomous ATV that was part of a U.S. Army demonstration last year are shown in this video.

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