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Reportable DEI Incidents

Members of CSD are encouraged to report incidents in any of the categories listed below.

This includes events that happen at CMU events on campus, CMU events organized by recognized student organizations, any event involving the use of university funds, and any other event where the university exercises substantial control over the event.  Faculty/staff misconduct against students may be subject to mandatory reporting regardless of whether it occurs in connection with a CMU event.

Several examples of incidents in each category are provided, but please note that these examples are not exhaustive. If you have a question about whether something is a reportable offense, please ask your reporting contact, per the Reporting Chain section.

CMU and CSD strongly support academic freedom and open discourse.  Members of the community are always allowed to have beliefs that differ from others’.  This reporting process is not designed to suppress such diverse beliefs, but rather to encourage them to be shared in a manner that is respectful of different ways of living, working and learning.

As defined in the Incident Response Process, CMU mandates reporting information that constitute a violation of law or university policy. All of the contacts in the Reporting Chain must report incidents in the following categories:

Incident Categories