CSD DEI Summary 2020-2021

Actions and Milestones Summary 2020-2021

The DEI committee is happy to report on the following actions carried out and milestones achieved since August 2020 across CSD.

Increasing the diversity of the CSD community

    • Collecting data on diversity in our PhD program (admissions and placement for women and URMs).

    • Collecting data on diversity of our faculty (hiring, placement, and retention for women and URMs).

    • Connecting students seeking advice about MS/PhD programs and applications to CMU volunteers.
    • Setting up our Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) program and expanding participation in current REU opportunities with research adjacent programs.
    • Investigating options and soliciting funding for a research-focused MS program.
    • Expanding our committee to include alumni from URM groups.
    • Developing new and improved rubric-driven admissions and hiring processes.

Improving the environment for members of the community

    • Obtaining CSD-specific results from university-wide climate surveys.
    • Collecting results of Graduate Student Review DEI-related supplemental questions.
    • Collecting exit-survey responses.
    • Contributed to the design and deployment a new DEI training course for all incoming PhD students in CSD - 15-996 (S21 Pilot).
    • Created a new reporting process whereby students, faculty and staff can report DEI-related infractions against themselves or others.
    • Improving reporting and accountability for all people in CSD.
    • Adding DEI-related supplemental questions to the Doctoral Student Review (evaluation) form.
    • Contributors to the organization of the SCS Seminar on DEI.