Peking University-CMU and Tsinghua University-CMU: Summer Internship Project Presentations

Thursday, September 6, 2018 - 11:00am to 1:00pm


Collaborative Commons - 6th Floor Gates Hillman Centers

Students in the Peking University - CMU and Tsinghua University - CMU summer internship programs will offer a poster presentatio on their work. 

Students presenting include:

  • Shengcao Cao - Searching for Compressed Network Architectures with Bayesian Optimization (Kris Kitani)
  • Yue Wu - Differentially Private Hierarchical Labeling for Active Learning (Nina Balcan)
  • Bowen Xiao - An Attentional Reinforcement Learning Framework for Visual Concept Learning (Tai Sing Lee)
  • Siming Yan - Biologically Plausible Recurrent Neural Network for Robust Visual Recognition (Tai Sing Lee)
  • Tian Ye  - Database Query Optimizer Cost Model Meets Neural Network (Andy Pavlo)
  • Lijun Yu - Automatic Traffic Danger Sense from Surveillance Cameras (Alex Hauptmann)
  • Mengze Zhu - Unsupervised Audio Representation Learning From Audio-Visual Correspondences (Katerina Fragkiadaki)
  • Wanrong Zhu - TemplateFiller: A New Method for Text Generation (Pradeep Ravikumar)(Faculty Mentors)
  • Zhen Fan - Neural Rankers for Engineering Assembly Retrieval (Jamiw Callan)
  • Yifan Qiao - Yield Private Deques Scheduler in Multiprogrammed Environment (Umut Acar)
  • Yifann Qiao - One Shot Instance Detection (David Held)
  • Yansen Wang - Neural Multimodal Variations of Word Representations (L.P. Morency)
  • Yibin YangFaster Sorting via Interpolation (Guy Blelloch)
  • Jianan Yao - Opposing News Recommendation (Pradeep Ravikumar)
  • Yijie Zhang - Spatio-temporal Models for Extreme Valued Data (Pradeep Ravikumar)
  • Hao Zhu - Neural Finite-State Tranducer  (Matt Gormley)

(Faculty Mentors)

Location: Collaborative Commons - 6th Floor

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Poster Session