Enrichment & Outreach

Computer science education at Carnegie Mellon goes way beyond the classroom. As a member of the Computer Science Department, you’ll become part of a thriving community that strives to better the world around it through outreach, volunteerism and community service. Here are just a few areas where you could be involved.

Meeting of the Minds

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Held each may on Reading Day during the final exam period, the Undergraduate Research Symposium, or the Meeting of the Minds, is a university-wide celebration of undergraduate research. All Carnegie Mellon undergrads engaged in research and creative projects are encouraged to apply! The "Meeting of the Minds" is an opportunity to share your research with the entire campus community. You can give an oral presentation on your project, design a poster, display your art or give a live performance. Those with a more competitive streak can also register for one of the special competitions and compete for cash prizes!

SCS Student Awards

Computer Science Department students are eligible for countless awards for their research at all levels — undergraduate, master’s and Ph.D. Check out the full list of awards our students have received here.

Women @ SCS

Program Website | Contact: women@scs.cmu.edu

Women @ SCS aims to create, encourage and support women's academic, social and professional opportunities in the computer sciences and to promote the breadth of the field and its diverse community. The Women@SCS Advisory Committee consists of undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty within the School of Computer Science.

Members of the committee have initiated many programs, such as the Big/Little Sister program for undergraduates, the invited Speaker Series, professional development workshops, as well as dinners and other social and academic events. Women @ SCS also sponsors outreach projects such as "Is there a robot in your future?" workshop for middle school girls, and the Women @ SCS Outreach Roadshow with its different versions for undergraduates, for grade school children, teachers, and parents, and TechNights, a free weekly series of workshops for middle school girls taught by our students. In general, the committee strives to promote a healthy and supportive community atmosphere for ALL. Making a difference and solving problems serve as the basic motivating purposes of the organization.




The SCS4ALL advisory council is a new umbrella organization that works to develop a program of social and professional activities and leadership opportunities to broaden participation and interest in computing by underrepresented groups such as women, minorities, students, and teachers in K-12.

SCS4ALL is open to all students in the Carnegie Mellon School of Computer Science (SCS) as well as any friends of SCS4ALL. We want ALL communities in SCS to feel included in shaping the organization and the events we run.

We hope to have lots of opportunities for outreach. Students who are interested in reaching out can come to our biweekly General Meetings (see Events).