15-319/619 Cloud Computing

15-319/619 - COURSE PROFILE

Course Level: Undergraduate/GraduateUnits: 9 for 15-319 / 12 for 15-619Special Permission Required: No 
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Frequency Offered: Generally offered every fall and spring semester - confirm course offerings for upcoming semesters by accessing the university Schedule of Classes.

Course Relevance (who should take this course?): This project-based on-line course focuses on skill building across various aspects of cloud computing. We cover conceptual topics and provide hands-on experience through projects utilizing public cloud infrastructures (Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP)). The adoption of cloud computing services continues to grow across a variety of organizations and in many domains. Students who are interested in adopting cloud resources or frameworks in their academic work or students who want to gain hands-on practical experience to improve their competitiveness in the big data/cloud job market.

Key Topics:Background Knowledge:Assessment Structure:
  • Cloud computing overview
  • Public cloud infrastructures
  • Virtualization
  • Software defined networks and storage
  • Cloud storage
  • Programming models
Most Recent Syllabus:

Programming skills and knowledge of systems from 15-213

Sample class notes: not provided

Sample Assignment: not provided

  • 15-319:
    • 12 quizzes (20% of total)
    • 10 individual projects (80% of total)
  • 15-619:
    • 12 quizzes (20% of total)
    • 10 individual projects (60% of total)
    • team project (20% of total)
Sample Exam: not provided

Sample Lecture Recording: not provided

Course Goals/Objectives:
Students will learn:
  • the fundamental ideas behind Cloud Computing, the evolution of the paradigm, its applicability; benefits, as well as current and future challenges
  • the basic ideas and principles in data center design; cloud management techniques and cloud software deployment considerations
  • different CPU, memory and I/O virtualization techniques that serve in offering software, computation and storage services on the cloud; Software Defined Networks (SDN) and Software Defined Storage (SDS)
  • cloud storage technologies and relevant distributed file systems, NoSQL databases and object storage;
  • the variety of programming models and develop working experience in several of them.

Course Website: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~msakr/15619-s17/

Learning Resources:Pre-reqs, Cross list, Related:Notes:
  • Open Learning Initiative for conceptual topics and assessments
  • TheProject.Zone for all project work on cloud (AWS, Azure and GCP) platforms
  • Piazza for Q&A and discussion
  • Videos of recitations
  • Prerequisites Required: 
  • Minimum Grades in Prereqs:
  • Corequisites: None
  • Prerequisite for: None
  • Anti-requisites: None
  • Cross-Listed: None
  • Substitutes: None
  • Related Courses: None
  • Reservations: Open only to students with internships
Graduate students MUST enroll in the graduate level version of the course. Graduate students will NOT be enrolled into the undergraduate level course and will be removed from the waitlist without notification.
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