CSD Academics

Undergraduate Degrees:

The Computer Science Department admits students to an undergraduate program that you are guaranteed to find rigorous and dedicated to the real-world training and practical problem solving that has been the hallmark of computer science education at CMU since its inception.

Undergraduate programs overview

Master's Degrees:

The Computer Science Department offers three different master’s options for students who have completed (or will complete) a bachelor’s degree and want to extend their training in computer science. Our largest program is the M.S. in Computer Science, which allows students with undergraduate degrees in computer science or another technical field to work with their academic advisor to create their own course of study. We also offer a fifth-year master’s program for current SCS undergraduates, and a 3-2 MBA program with CMU’s Tepper School of Business.

Master's programs overview

Doctoral Degrees:

The Computer Science Department offers two Ph.D. programs: the Ph.D. in Computer Science, offered entirely at our Pittsburgh campus; and a dual Ph.D. program with the Information and Communication Technologies Institute in Portugal. Our Ph.D. program is frequently named the best in the country and our alumni have gone on be pioneers in the field.

Doctoral programs overview