SCS College Credit Transfer Guidelines

For Current Undergraduates

You can transfer courses to Carnegie Mellon that you complete at another college or university IF the course has been approved for transfer credit before you take the course. This applies to every course you may take outside of CMU for potential transfer credit. If you do not get pre-approval, you risk getting no credit for the course(s) you take elsewhere.

In general, CMU gives you credit as long as your final grade in the course(s) you are transferring is either an "A", "B", or "C" from a major college or university, or "A" or "B" from a smaller regional college or community college. The course units (credit) transfers to CMU, but not the grade.  Grades for transfer courses are not counted into a student's QPA.


SCS students may transfer up to 2 courses during a summer session if given approval 
and these courses are satisfied to completion. SCS students may transfer 1 course during the Fall or Spring semester if given approval since students will typically be enrolled in full time study at CMU. Students taking an external course during the Fall or Spring semester should consider their overall workload since this will not be reflected on their CMU schedule.

Approval is contingent upon the student’s eligibility to continue as a CMU student. Courses taken elsewhere during a period of suspension will NOT transfer back to CMU.

What You Need To Do BEFORE You Take External Classes 

For each course you wish to take, you will need to fill out this online form. Only one course per form please.

You will need links to these things:

  • URL for course description
  • URL for syllabus* for the latest term
  • URL for academic integrity policy
  • URL for exam proctoring information

Decide which Carnegie Mellon course matches the course you wish to take. If you plan to use this course toward an additional major or minor, you must include that information on the form.

Is the course online? If YES, documentation must be provided of the process for exam proctoring and individual exam assessment. Exams should generally make up at least 40% of course grade.

If you have any questions, please contact the CS undergraduate office or Mary Widom


For Economics courses only:

Please use the Tepper Undergraduate Economics Transfer Credit Petition online form.

Please also email us the course name, college, and CMU course requested so that we can keep track of the process:

*If a URL for the syllabus is not available online, please contact the instructor of the course and request the syllabus for that term. You can put the syllabus you recieve online and give us a link to it.