Howard Wactlar

Howard Wactlar

Research Professor Emeritus

Office: 7007 Gates & Hillman Centers


Phone: (412) 268-2571

My research has centered on building large integrated systems that cross artificial intelligence, multi-media and distributed systems, and cyber-human systems that improve individual and group performance.

Examples include the Informedia Digital Video Library System, which integrated speech, language and image understanding technologies to enable full-content indexing, search and media-rich retrieval of broadcast video. Through this integration the system is able to overcome some of the shortcomings inherent in each of the component technologies.

Another example is the CareMedia System, which automated combined video and sensor analysis of patient behavior in an Alzheimer care center, detecting change in patient condition and aberrant behavior.  This lead to a broader agenda of work in the NSF Quality of Life Engineering Research Center and broad interest in the use of information technology to improve healthcare, from assistive robotic devices to data mining of behavioral data for proactive and preventive care.

My most recent interests are in neuroscience, particularly as it may apply to brain-controlled interfaces for robotic systems and devices.