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SCS Undergraduate Thesis Topics

* Denotes winner of that year's Allen Newell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Research

** Denotes winner of that year's Alumni Award for Undergraduate Excellence

Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Shaun Allison Manuel Blum A Secure Human-Computable Authentication Scheme
Terence An Guy Blelloch Fast Approximation of Minimum 2-Hop Covers on Trees
Nivedita Chopra Roy Maxion/Robert Simmons Nipping Bugs in the Bud - Student Misconceptions in Introductory Computer Science Classes
Jonathan Goldman Ariel Procaccia Spliddit - Unleashing Fair Division Algorithms
Ian Huang Guy Blelloch Cache Efficient Dynamic Programming Algorithms
Maria Khutoretsky Nancy Pollard Quadratic Encoding for 3D Hand Pose Reconstruction
Klas Leino Guy Blelloch Data-Aware Auto-Tuning and Techniques for Improving Parallel Sorting Performance
Tsutomu Okano Klaus Sutner Invertible Binary Transducers and the Automorphisms of the Binary Tree
Jack Paparian Chris Langmead An Autoencoder Triaging Algorithm for Acute Pancreatitis
Jay Park Aarti Singh Active Sampling for Estimating Gaussian Graphical Models
Annika Peterson Andre Platzer Formal Verification of a Controlled Flight Between Two Robots: A Case Study
Dan Ringwalt Roger Dannenberg Improved Methods for Optical Music Recognition
Joseph Rollinson Emma Brunskill From Prediction to Decision Making in Intelligent Tutoring Systems
Tom Shen William Cohen Graph-Based Semi-Supervised Learning for Text Categorization through Supervised Random Walks
Kerry Snyder William Red L. Whittaker Visual and Geometric Modeling of Lunar Surface Features
Elias Szabo-Wexler Ariel Procaccia Staying Fair
Carnegie Mellon Qatar
Sabih Bin Wasi Kemal Oflazer/Carolyn Rose/Alex Cheek SIRTAS: State-of-the-art, Interactive, Real-time Twitter Sentiment Analysis System
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Brandon Bohrer Karl Crary Certifying Compilations for Logic Programming
Da-Yoon Chung M. Satyanarayanan OpenISR 2.0
Elizabeth Davis Frank Pfenning A Proof-Based Approach to Formalizing Protocols in Linear Epistemic Logic
Laxman Dhulipala Guy Blelloch Compressing Natural Graphs and a Practical Work-Efficient Parallel Connectivity Algorithm
Matt McKay Karl Krary Compiler Correctness via Contextual Equivalence
Daniel Sedra William Cohen Improved Methods in Semantic Relations
Javier Vazquez-Trejo Victor Adamchik Symbolic Summation in Difference Fields
Shikun Zhang Manuel Blum A Password Management Application with Provable Security and Minimal User Effort
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Malcolm Greaves William W. Cohen (MLD,LTI) Leveraging Dependency Parse Structures for Large-Scale Noun Phrase Classification
Daniel Howarth Tai Sing Lee Predicting an individual's brain state induced by music listening
Alexander Reece David Brumley Evaluation of Loop Nesting Forest Algorithms
Pranav Senthilnathan Klaus Sutner Orbits of Iterated Binary Transducers
Adrien Trejo* Klaus Sutner Classification and Automaticity of Discrete Dynamical Systems
Vinay Vemuri** Alan W. Black Reconstructing Dysarthic Speech from Cross-Speaker Articulatory Position Data using Speech Synthesis and Voice Conversion Techniques
Carnegie Mellon Qatar
Hanan Alshikhabobakr Kemal Oflazer Unsupervised Arabic Word Segmentation and Statistical Machine Translation
Afnan Fahim Khaled Harras Towards Computational Offloading in Mobile Device Clouds
Lulwa Ahmed El-Matbouly Thierry Sans/Soha Hussein An Authorization Model For The Web Programming Language Qwel
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Maryam Aly Luis von Ahn/Brendan Meeder Temporal Analysis of Information Cascades on Twitter
Michael Arntzenius Karl Crary A Type Theory of Linking
Adam Blank Klaus Sutner ColorMyGraph: Student Proof Analysis and Verification
Hui Han Chin * Gary Miller Applications of Spectral Algorithms
Nikhil Khadke ** Priya Narasimhan Transparent System Call Based Performance Debugging for Cloud Computing
Brent Lim David Brumley Automatic Heap Exploit Generation
Matthew Mirman Frank Pfenning Mode Checking for Lazy Functional Logic Programming
Aaron Snook Manuel Blum Word Problem Solving using Sequence Inference
Wennie Tabib Red Whittaker Feature Detection on an FPGA
Jerene Yang Manuel Blum Graphical Numerical Inference: a.k.a. Brain Surgery for Excel
Carnegie Mellon Qatar
Dania Abed Rabbou Khaled Harris Leveraging Social Networking and Indoor Localization for Context-Aware Ubiquitous Systems
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Hao Yee Chan Roni Rosenfeld Discriminative Pronunciation Learning for Speech Recognition for Resource Scarce Languages
Desai Chen Noah Smith Bilingual Part of Speech Tag Induction with Markov Random Fields
Jon Chu Luis von Ahn/Anthony Tomasic Generating Giant Word Corpora with Human Computation to Solve Word Sense Disambiguation
Alex Gartrell Dave Andersen Slick: A Framework for High Throughput Network Applications in the Kernel
Haijie Gu John Lafferty An Efficient Algorithm for Nonparametric Online Prediction
Mark Hahnenberg Jonathan Aldrich Dynamic Casts in the Plaid Programming Language
Steven Hansen Dave Touretzky Human-Like Understanding of Two-Line Figures
Jonathan Harbuck Bernardine Dias CaFE Play: A Customizable Mobile Phone Game for Enhancing English Literacy
Kevin Lewi Anupam Gupta Online Metric Matching on the Line
Victor Marmol Bernardine Dias Market-Based Coordination of Recharging Robots
Alan Pierce * Klaus Sutner Decision Problems on Iterated Length-Preserving Transducers
Ben Poole Tai Sing Lee Encoding Natural Priors in Neural Populations
Ram Raghunathan ** Mor Harchol-Balter The Design and Implementation of a Power-Aware Load Balancer
Bao Hong (Lucas) Tan Jack Mostow Learning Classifiers from a Relational Database of Tutor Logs
Vincent Teo Priya Narasimhan Mobile Cloud Computing for Data-Intensive Applications
Nathan Wan Dave Andersen Kernel Accommodations for I/O Intensive Workloads
Carnegie Mellon Qatar
Samreen Anjum Brett Browning/Bernardine Dias Place Recognition for Indoor Blind Navigation
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Matthew Delaney David Wettergreen Investigating Effectiveness of Small-Scale Lunar Excavators
Carl Doersch Tai Sing Lee Temporal Continuity Learning for Deep Belief Networks
Thomas Jacques ** Tai Sing Lee EyesOn Mobile Eye Tracking
Dan Kilgallin Klaus Sutner Complementing Buchi Automata Over Bi-infinite Words
John Kowalski Geoff Gordon Using Machine Learning Techniques to Uncover What Makes Understanding Spoken Chinese Difficult for Non-native Speakers
Bradford Neuman * Tony Stentz Learning-based Change Detection for Mobile Robots
Christopher Niessl Roger Dannenberg Enhancing Audio Reproduction through Improved Instrument Synthesis Models for Violin and String Instruments
Fang Qiao Roni Rosenfeld Layperson-trained Speech Recognition for Resource Scarce Languages
Daniel Schafer Luis von Ahn Finding Accurate Models of Social Graphs
Nitin Seemakurty Anthony Tomasic/Luis von Ahn Human-powered Word Sense Disambiguation
Neel Shah Noah Smith Predicting Risk from Financial Reports with Supervised Topic Models
Sam Tetruashvili Manuel Blum Inductive Inference of Integer Sequences
Anthony Velazquez Carol Frieze Local and Global Perspectives: An Investigation of How Cultural Factors Contribute to Gender Balanced Participation in Computer Science
Daegun Won Eric Xing Inference of Population Structure with Optimal Number of Ancestral Groups
Carnegie Mellon Qatar
Rishav Bhowmick Noah Smith/Kemal Oflazer Rich Named Entity Recognition
Mohammed Kaleem Rahman Bernardine Dias Education e-Village: Empowering Technology Educators in Developing Regions
Aysha Siddique Bernardine Dias Designing Mobile-phone Based Educational Games to Improve the English Literacy Skills of Limited English Proficient (LEP) Adults
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Jeremiah Blocki * Manuel Blum Direct Zero-Knowledge Proofs
Mahtiyar Bonakdarpour Tom Mitchell Using Machine Learning to Predict Human Brain Activity
Jonathan Coens Dave Touretzky The Tentacle Arm: Control of a High-DOF Planar Manipulator
Joseph Gershenson Klaus Sutner Model Checking Cellular Automata
YoungJoo Jeong Ananda Gunawardena Share or Not to Share? The Benefits of the Use of a TabletPC Flash Card Application in an Educational Setting
Andrew Maas ** Drew Bagnell/Charles Kemp Learning about Related Tasks with Hierarchical Models
Carnegie Mellon Qatar
Hatem Alismail ** Brett Browning Exploring Visual Odometry for Mobile Robots
Hend Gedawy Khaled Harras/Bernardine Dias Dynamic Path Planning and Traffic Signal Coordination for Emergency Vehicle Routing
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Keith Bare Priya Narasimhan Online Fingerpointing: Just-in-Time Problem Diagnosis for Distributed Systems
Samuel Burnett Peter Steenkiste Combining Wireless Network Emulation and Simulation
Henry DeYoung * Frank Pfenning An Authorization Logic with Explicit Time
Zhengheng Gho Dave Touretzky Visually Guided Manipulation Primitives for an Educational Robot
Jing Jin Laura Dabbish Are You Your Own Worst Enemy? Self-Interruption on the Computer
Yucheng Low Danny Sleator Investigating the Use of Machine Learning in Go
Jeremy Maitin-Shepard Carlos Guestrin Multiple-Target Tracking Based on a Fully-General Data Association Model Using a Fourier-Domain Representation
Chris Martens Frank Pfenning A Hybrid Formulation of the Ordered Logical Framework
Kevin McInerney Klaus Sutner Discovering Tractable Cellular Automata Questions
Jiquan Ngiam Scott Fahlman Natural Language Processing with Knowledge
Xinghao Pan Dave Touretzky Object Recognition Tools for Educational Robots
Albert Sheu Hui Zhang Characterizing YouTube Videos
Geeta Shroff Asim Smailagic Wearable Context-Aware Food Recognition for Nutrition Monitoring
Jiaqi Tan Priya Narasimhan RAMS and BlackSheep: Inferring White-Box Application Behavior Using Black-Box Techniques
Carnegie Mellon Qatar
Noura El-Moughny ** Bernardine Dias Assistive Technology for Learning to Write Braille
Amer Obeidah Lynn Carter Design-Code Verification: When Design Deviates from Code
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Sunsern Cheamanunkul Tom Mitchell/Rebecca Hutchinson Gaussian Naive Bayes Classifier with Smooth Basis Functions
Alex Grubb * Paul Rybski Autonomous Discovery of Landmark Objects
Somchaya Liemhetcharat David Touretzky Manipulation of Objects Using an AIBO
Brendan Meeder Manuel Blum Proof Triangles: Toward a Formal Theory of Mathematical Understanding
Christopher Pride David Garlan Extending Aura with an Augmented Reality Interface
Joseph Rollo Reid Simmons Tracking for a Roboceptionist
Hassan Rom ** Greg Ganger Robust Detection & Recovery from Service Disruptions in Distributed Systems
Stephanie Rosenthal Anind Dey A Template-based Approach to Mobile Reminders
Key Shin Jonathan Aldrich 3Twelf: A Tool for Reasoning about Programs
Seng Keat Teh Bruce Maggs/Dave Andersen Efficient Algorithms for Similarity-Enhanced Transfer in Peer-to-Peer Systems
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Matt Carson Dave Touretzky Blocks World Vision for the AIBO Robot
Natalie Castellana Russell Schwartz Haplotype Motif Partitioning for Association Studies
Eric Chastain Dave Plaut How are Faces Special? Eccentricity Bias as a Feasible Computational Inferotemporal Cortex Organization
Will Cooper Jonathan Aldrich Interactive Ownership Type Inference
Peerapong Dhangwatnotai Andrew Moore Mixture Model for Approximate Inference in Bayesian Networks
Juan Fasola Manuela Veloso Real-Time Visual Robot Detection and Modeling with Situational Awareness
Ivan Gonzalez Brad Myers Thumb Based Interaction Techniques for Input on a Steering Wheel
William Gronim Latanya Sweeney Methods for Extracting Names from Websites Containing Lists of People
Joshua Hailpern Benoit Morel Distributed Detection of New Virus Threats in Large Scale Networks
Matthew Kehrt Jonathan Aldrich Linearity for Objects
Hee Gun Lee James Kuffner Enhancing Motion Data with Head and Eye Motion
Il Sun Lee Peter Steenkiste Managing and Monitoring Spectrum Usage in a Wireless Network
Keunpyo Lee David Garlan Dynamic Architecture Reconstruction with Java 2, Enterprise Edition
Akiva Leffert Manuela Veloso Learning Others' Calendars
Yuxiang Liu Srinivasan Seshan Managing and Monitoring Spectrum Usage in a Wireless Network
Nicholas Lynn David Garlan Autonomic Computing: Learning to Repair Systems Effectively
David Murray ** Hui Zhang Adaptive LAN-to-Host Multicast: Optimizing End System Multicast via LAN Multicast Integration
Andreas Pfenning Russell Schwartz A Comparative Genomics Approach to Identifying the Plasticity Transcriptome
Gregory Price Frank Pfenning Toward Efficient Proof Search for Linear Logic
Cinar Sahin Scott Fahlman Event Representation in Knowledge Systems with Context Hierarchies
Gwen Stockman Mor Harchol-Balter/Adam Wierman The Impact of Abandonment in Multi-Class Priority Queues
Kanat Tangwongsan * Guy Blelloch Active Data Structures and Applications to Dynamic and Kinetic Algorithms
Alex Trevor Paul Rybski Analyzing Mobile Sensor Placement for Distributed Object Tracking
Yinmeng Zhang Lenore Blum/Luis von Ahn Covert Multi-Party Computation
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Michael Ashley-Rollman Karl Crary Type-Safety of Standard ML
Ying-Chieh Chang Lenore Blum, Carol Frieze Perceived Gender Similarities and Differences in Confidence Levels Among Computer Science Undergraduates
Sue Yi Chew Anthony Tomasic Improving the Filtering Quality of Selective Dissemination of Information by Observing User Task Behavior
Michael Coblenz Brad Myers, Frank Pfenning Using Objects of Measurement to Detect Spreadsheet Errors
Andrew Cove Doug James Dynamic Texturing of Botanical Environments
Dilan Edirisinghe Dave Touretzky Perception of Affordances by a Mobile Robot
Jared Go * James Kuffner Real-Time Texture-Space Radiosity
Matthew Johnson-Roberson William Whittaker Non-holonomic Trajectory Planning for High Speed Navigation
Woo Tae Kim Pragnesh Modi Classification of Examples by Multiple Agents with Private Features
Dongryeol Lee Alexander Gray, Andrew Moore New Algorithmic Techniques for Generalized N-Body Problems
Bryan Mills Peter Lee, Aleksandar Nanveski A Survey of Mechanisms for Language Extensibility
Scott Niekum ** David Wettergreen Reliable Rock Detection and Classification for Autonomous Science
Suporn Pongnumkul Alexei Efros Automatic Digicromatography: Colorizing the Images of the Russian Empire
Pongsin Poosankam David Garlan Authentication and Access Control in Multi-agent Systems
John Ramish Tom Mitchell Towards a General Knowledge Representation Language
Christopher Rotella Klaus Sutner An Efficient Implementation of the AKS Polynomial-Time Primality Testing Algorithm
Akkarit Sangpetch Dave Touretzky Visualizing Robot Behavior with Self-Generated Storyboards
Boris Sofman Tony Stentz Obstacle Map Construction from Aerial Information for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Navigation
Mark Tomczak Roger Dannenberg BeatLib: A general-purpose beat detection library
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Matt Anderson Robert Griffiths, Avrim Blum Simulation of a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Quantum Computer
Stuart Anderson Reid Simmons Single Point of Contact Manipulation of Unknown Objects
Zach Anderson Srinivasan Seshan A Power Saving Technique for TCP Connections over Wireless Links
David Charlton Manuel Blum On the Hardness of Uniform Random Generation
Khalid El-Arini Todd Mowry Synthetically Real Graphics
Kelvin Goh Takeo Kanade Toward a Complete Face Recognition System
Ian Graham James Kuffner Surface Capture of the Human Hand
Neil Halelamien David Touretzky Visual Routines for Spatial Cognition on a Mobile Robot
Warren Hunt * Danny Sleator A Fast Counting Data Compression Algorithm
Ian Kash Wilfried Sieg A Partially Automated Proof of the Cantor-Bernstein Theorem
Jennifer Lin Brett Browning Detecting Opponent Roles in a Robot Soccer Domain
Bernice Ma ** Metin Sitti Augmented Reality Human Machine Interface for a Teleoperated Nano-scale Interaction and Manipulation System
Mike Maxim Bill Scherlis FrontDesk: An Enterprise Class Web-based Software System for Programming Assignment Submission, Feedback Dissemination, and Grading Automation
Jay Pujara Tom Mitchell Machine Learning Classification of fMRI Data in Semantic and Syntactic Tasks
Brian Railing Greg Ganger Data Classification and Relaxing Storage Requirements
Jibran Rashid Avrim Blum, Robert Griffiths Quantum Information and Game Theory
Yuen-Lin Tan Greg Ganger Comparison-based Filesystem Verification (The NFS Tee)
Hongxian Tay Adrian Perrig Visual Validation of SSL Certificates in the Mozilla Browser using Hash Images
Alex Vaynberg Peter Lee From Typed Assembly Language to Proof Carrying Code
Thuc Vu Manuela Veloso Behavior Programming Language and Automated Code Generation for Agent Behavior Control
Yili Wang David Garlan TaskPort: A Task Management Interface in an Intelligent Cognitive Assistant System
Terrence Wong Greg Ganger Extended Filesystem Functionality for Self-Managing Storage System s
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Sonia Chernova Manuela Veloso Adaptive Motion for Quadruped Robots
Kayvon Fatahalian ** Doug James Real Time Global Illumination of Deformable Objects
Dominic Jonak Peter Steenkiste Pervasive Computing: Supporting Group Activities
Arvind Kannan Srini Seshan Scaling Properties of the Internet Graph
Ridy Lie Jaime Carbonell An Alignment Algorithm for Example-Based Machine Translation
Samir Sapra * Ed Clarke Logic Minimization Using SAT Checkers
Meera Sridhar Jeannette Wing The Honeywell Triplex Sensor Voter
Matthew Trentacoste Doug James Generalized Matrix Computation on Graphics Hardware
Robert Wang Jessica Hodgins Adaptive Cloth Simulation
Justin Weisz Srini Seshan Detecting Cheaters in a Distributed Multiplayer Game Environment
Yi'Nan Zhuo Norman Sadeh-Koniecpol Understanding the Interplay between Usability and Individual Privacy Preferences
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Neal Burns Todd Mowry Non-Backed Memory and its Applications
Bor-Yuh Evan Chang Bob Harper/Frank Pfenning Iktara in ConCert: Realizing a Certified Grid Computing Framework from a Programmer's Perspective
Margaret DeLap Bob Harper/Frank Pfenning Implementing a Framework for Certified Grid Computing
Mehmet Fidanboylu Michael Mateas Natural Language Understanding Within Interactive Drama
John Heffner * Peter Steenkiste High Bandwidth TCP Queueing
Martin Hock Danny Sleator Exploring the Complexity of the UFO Puzzle
Maksim Ioffe M Satyanarayanan PluriNet: Dynamic Environment-Aware Routing
Jack Lin Roger Dannenberg Musical Chord Recognition Based on Machine Learning Techniques
Sindya Narayanaswamy Peter Lee Programming Experience and Academic Success: Examining Patterns, Trends, and Possibilities
Jason Pinto Henry Schneiderman Facial Image Modification
Jason Reed Frank Pfenning Proof Irrelevance and Strict Definitions in a Logical Framework
Jeffrey Sarnat Dana Scott The Undecidability of the Finite Refutability of Entailments in Lattice-Theoretic Models of the Lambda Calculus
Cory Williams Greg Ganger Using the Post-Compromise Audit Trail: Paths of Communication
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Ulas Bardak Jaime Carbonell/Mike Mateas Generation of Ideologically-Based Historical Documents
Camille Fournier M. Satyanarayan Shrinking by Example
Simon Goldsmith M. Satyanarayan Multimorphous File Systems: Extending the Filesystem to Better Fit the Data
Marcus Louie Roy Maxion Characterizations of Categorical Data and Their Predictive Power in Anomaly Detector Performance
Dan Maynes-Aminzade * Randy Pausch Techniques for Interactive Audience Participation
Tom Murphy Karl Crary/Bob Harper The Wizard of TILT: Efficient, Convenient and Abstract Type Representations
Ian Nieves Illah Nourbakhsh Multiuser Virtual Building (LEGO) Blocks
Maayan Roth Chuck Thorpe Robobuggy: An Autonomous Vehicle
Ting Shih Allan Fisher Evaluating the CTE Online Curriculum in Computer Science
George Skoptsov Tai Sing Lee A Real-Time Hand Gesture Recognition System
Ken Strickland Paul Heckbert Rapid Polygonization of Implicit Surfaces Using Particles
Pucktada Treeratpituk Jamie Callan Name-Entity Recognition Using a Hidden Markov Model
Ashish Venugopal John Lafferty Text Classification into a Large Number of Categories
Geoff Washburn Peter Lee/Frank Pfenning Modal Typing for Specifying Runtime Code Generation
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
James Bruce Tucker Balch Real-Time Machine Vision Perception and Prediction
Scott Crosby Bob Harper Provably Safe Specification of a Turing Complete Programming Language
David Garmire Elizabeth Bigelow Applying the Department of Defense High Level Architecture to Robotics Software Systems
Bryan Holland-Minkley Guy Blelloch Parallel Random Number Generation in Functional ML
Yik Lin Khoo Scott Hudson Composable Visualization: A Tool for Creating Custom Selection-Visualization Techniques from a Pre-Prepared Taxonomy
Behrang Mohit Scott Fahlman Building an Information Extraction System for a Business News Corpus
Arne Suppe Chuck Thorpe The SCS Autonomous Buggy
John Sweeney Tucker Balch Robotic Localization Using Visual Landmarks
Preston Tollinger Manuel Blum A Secure, Device-Free, Challenge-Response Protocol or How to Login When Naked in a Glass House
Anthony Watkins David Garlan The Switch Architecture: Achieving Maintainability in Explicit Invocation Systems
Student Advisor(s) Thesis Topic
Andrew Faulring Brad Myers Gold: Charting by Demonstration
Doug Fearing Frank Pfenning The Inverse Method for Lambda Pi
Chris Hobbs Joel Welling Numerical Simulation of Self-Assembly
Wing Leung Andrew Moore Efficient Data Mining with AD-Trees
Jason Rennie Andrew McCallum Efficient Web Spidering with Reinforcement Learning
Patrick Riley * Manuela Veloso Classifying Adversarial Behaviors in a Dynamic Inaccessible Multi-Agent Environment
Andrew Zimdars David Plaut The Emergence of Language in Communication Across a Bottleneck

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