Computer Science Practicum

Course ID 15090

Description This course is for Computer Science students who wish to have an internship experience as part of their curriculum. Students are required to write a one-page summary statement prior to registration that explains how their internship connects with their CS curriculum, specifically on how it uses material they have learned as well as prepares them for future courses. Near the end of the internship, students will be required to submit a reflection paper that describes the work they did in more detail, including lessons learned about the work experience and how they utilized their CS education to work effectively. International students should consult with the Office of International Education for appropriate paperwork and additional requirements before registration. Units earned count toward the total required units necessary for degree completion; students should speak with an academic advisor for details. This course may be taken at most 3 times for a total of 9 units maximum. Students normally register for this course for use during the summer semester.