Competition Programming II

Course ID 15295

Description Each year, Carnegie Mellon fields several teams for participation in the ICPC Regional Programming Contest. During many recent years, one of those teams has earned the right to represent Carnegie Mellon at the ICPC World Finals. This course is a vehicle for those who consistently and rigorously train in preparation for the contests to earn course credit for their effort and achievement. Preparation involves the study of algorithms, the practice of programming and debugging, the development of test sets, and the growth of team, communication, and problem solving skills. Neither the course grade nor the number of units earned are dependent on ranking in any contest. Students are not required to earn course credit to participate in practices or to compete in ACM-ICPC events. Students who have not yet taken 15-295 should register for 15-195; only students who have already taken 15-295 should register for 15-295 again.