Visiting the CSD Undergraduate Program

Dear Prospective Student,

If you are a high school student and would like to visit the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon, I would be happy to meet with you and your family. Your visit will include a brief explanation of our program and time for you to ask questions. You will also receive a packet of information that includes our course curriculum, a list of current students to contact and other valuable information about our program.

I also recommend that you call our Admissions Office at 412-268-2082 to find out about university-wide tours and information sessions. University-wide tours and information sessions are offered several times each day (except for occasional blackout dates) so it's easy to schedule an appointment with me around one of these sessions. I prefer to meet with families at either 10:30 a.m. or 2 p.m., but will modify to fit your schedule if possible.

Please note that during the month of April I do not meet with prospective families since we offer pre-scheduled talks. These question-and-answer sessions are offered to newly admitted CS students, but everyone is welcome to attend. Our Freshmen Advisor or our Assistant Dean will explain our CS curriculum and answer any questions you have about the program. If you would like to attend this talk, please contact me to make certain that the talk is being given on a specific day. I will also tell you the room since location may change.

Below are some sites that may be of interest to you:

Please contact me directly at 412-268-9497 or email if you would like to schedule an appointment, receive a CS packet in the mail, or just have a question.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Mary Widom, Undergraduate Program Coordinator

OFFICE: Gates Center, 4115

updated 08/17/16