Vaccination (Second Dose) Database Seminar

Monday, October 11, 2021 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm


Virtual Presentation - ET Remote Access - Zoom


DREW BANIN, Co-founder

How To Count Things With Dbt

Modern organizations leverage machine learning, data science, and AI to build predictive, responsive, and personalized applications. BUT! Most are bad at counting things. That's where dbt comes in. dbt is an open source framework used to define, test, and document datasets. In this talk, we will discuss the what, why, and how behind dbt and data warehousing in the year 2021.

Drew Banin is a co-founder at dbt Labs and an open source maintainer of dbt. He’s built event collection systems that scaled to billions of events per month, implemented Markov-based marketing attribution models on millions of dollars of marketing spend, and dreams in NetworkX graphs.

The Vaccination Database (Second DoseTechTalk Seminar Series is sponsored by OtterTune and the Stephen Moy Foundation for Keeping it Real.

Zoom Participation. See announcement.

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