Peking University-CMU and Tsinghua University-CMU: Summer Internship Project Presentations

— 1:00pm

Collaborative Commons - 6th Floor - Gates Hillman Centers

Students in the Peking University - CMU and Tsinghua University - CMU summer internship programs will offer a poster presentation on their work.

All are welcome!


  • Kangle Deng (邓康乐) — Unsupervised Audio Retargeting / Deva Ramanan
  • Linyuan Gong (龚林源) — Clinical Abbreviation Expansion as Masked Language Model / Pradeep Ravikumar
  • Mingjia Huo (霍明佳) — Reversible computation and cryptographic primitives / Vipul Goyal
  • Mingxun Zhou (周铭洵) — Better than 'Optimal' : Selfish Mining with Reinforcement Learning / Giulia Fanti
  • Pangzi Qi (庞子奇) — Learning Generalizable Representation from Heterogeneous Information Sources / Yuxiong Wang, Pavel Tokmatov, Martial Hebert
  • Peng Chen (陈鹏) — Efficient I3D video feature model through optimizing optical flow / Alexander Hauptmann
  • Shiyue Huang (黄世悦) — Holistic Index Creation Time Estimation in In-Memory Databases / Andy Pavlo
  • Sijie Ling (凌思捷) — Developing a Method to Improve Asymptotic Performance of Adult Second Language Learners / Lynne Reder
  • Siyu Chen (陈思禹)— Reducing Confidence at Out-of-Distribution Samples with Deep RBF Networks / Zico Kolter
  • Zhuo Cheng (程卓) — 40KB does them all: compressing universal sketches for network monitoring / Alan (Zaoxing) Liu,  Vyas Sekar


  • Zhenbo Sun (孙桢波)  — Blockgraph, a scalable alternative to the blockchain  / Seth Copen Goldstein
  • Zonghan Yang (杨宗翰) — On Syntactically-Informed Continuous-Output Neural Machine Translation  / Yulia Tsvetkov
  • Yilin Li (李依林) — Modelling equal-error rates in static keystroke authentication / Roy Maxion
  • Yifan Wang (王逸凡) — Improved s-rounding technique for semidefinite programs  / Nina Balkan
  • Zhiyuan Hu (胡致远)—  Learning Generalizable Representation from Heterogeneous Information Sources  / Martial Hebert, Y Wang, Pavel Tokmatov
  • Yiwei Zhang (张益玮)— Incorporate phoneme information in human multimodal language modeling  / Amir Zadeh, Louis-Philippe Morency

Faculty Host: Tai Sing Lee

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