Database Seminar

Monday, May 11, 2020 - 4:30pm to 5:30pm


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ROBERT HODGES, Chief Executive Officer

Introducing ClickHouse - the fastest data warehouse you've never heard of

The market for scalable SQL data warehouses is dominated by proprietary products. ClickHouse is one of the first open source projects to give those products a run for their money. ClickHouse scales to hundreds of nodes with ingest measured in millions of events per second. The user community includes CloudFlare, Cisco, and numerous financial services companies. This talk briefly recounts the history of ClickHouse, starting with its origins at Yandex, then dives into popular features. These include column storage with efficient data encoding and compression, vectorized query execution, sharding and replication, and materialized views. We will end with a short survey of popular use cases. The open design of ClickHouse makes it a great platform for academic work, and we welcome the chance to introduce it to CMU.

Robert Hodges is the CEO of Altinity, a venture-backed start-up that markets ClickHouse to enterprises. He is also a database geek who has used or worked on over 20 different database systems. Other interests include distributed systems, Kubernetes, and open source. He is an organizer of the San Francisco ClickHouse meetup.

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