CyLab Seminar

Monday, May 3, 2021 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm


Virtual Presentation - ET Remote Access - Zoom


ALICE HUTCHINGS, Deputy-Director, Cambridge Cybercrime Centre

Lights! Camera! Action! Using Crime Script Analysis for Cybercrime Prevention

I will begin with an introduction to crime script analysis and how it can be used to identify crime prevention opportunities. I will explain how this method has been used in my prior research, including understanding online stolen data markets, the online pharmaceutical trade, the blackmarket for airline tickets, and eWhoring. We will then discuss some of the challenges relating to crime prevention. There are a number of barriers to effective prevention, and intervening may have unintended consequences for the law abiding majority.

Alice Hutchings is a University Lecturer in the Security Group at the Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. She is also Deputy Director of the Cambridge Cybercrime Centre, an interdisciplinary initiative combining expertise from computer science, criminology, and law. Specialising in cybercrime, she bridges the gap between criminology and computer science. Generally, her research interests include understanding cybercrime offenders, cybercrime events, and the prevention and disruption of online crime.

Hosted:  Jonathan Spring

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