CyLab Distinguished Seminar

— 2:45pm

4305 - Newell-Simon Hall

LAURA NORÉN , Vice President of Privacy and Trust

What could go wrong? Tales from Technology in the Wild

In the style of Aesop's fables, Laura Norén presents tales of data-driven technologies as they are released into the wild (society). Following the theme of data science Norén explores what could go wrong (or right!) when technologies are released quickly, images and emotions are automatically classified, instant gratification is treated as a virtue, health outcomes are predicted in advance, and data monopolies ascend to the pinnacle of key industries. This talk presents three colorful data ethics fables each leading to a key lesson representing a pillar of a sound data ethics practice. This story driven format is accessible, humorous, and engaging for broad audiences. 

Laura Norén is a data science ethicist, speaker, and researcher currently serving as the VP of Privacy and Trust at Obsidian Security. Her work focuses on employee data rights, capable data guardianship, and privacy compliance. She is a Visiting Scholar at NYU’s Center for Data Science and UC-Berkeley’s Division of Data Science and Information, earned undergraduate degrees at MIT, and a PhD at NYU where she completed a Moore-Sloan Postdoc. Her work on data ethics been covered in The New York Times, Canada's Globe and Mail, and American Public Media's Marketplace. On Thursdays, she publishes the Data Science Community Newsletter.

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