Computer Science Thesis Proposal

8102 - Gates Hillman Centers

JUNXING WANG , Ph.D. Student

Graph Theory For Local Methods And Global Good

The goal of this project is to study graph theory for local methods and global good. The project will focus on analyzing the connection between local and global properties, designing the efficient data structure under local adjustment and understanding the capacity and limit of the local method in many combinatorial problems, such as network-flow problems, dynamic graph problem and multi-agent system design. Studying such local routine from the perspectives of numerical and combinatorial algorithms will bring together a variety of techniques to form new algorithmic frameworks.

Thesis Committee:
Gary Miller (Chair)
Ariel Procaccia
Fei Fang
Sushant Sachdeva (University of Toronto)
Richard Peng (Georgia Institute of Technology)

Copy of Thesis Proposal Summary

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