Computer Science Thesis Proposal

Thursday, May 19, 2022 - 1:00pm to 2:30pm


Virtual Presentation - ET


THOMAS SHEEK KIM, Ph.D. StudentComputer Science DepartmentCarnegie Mellon University

Leveraging emerging storage technologies to improve performance, reliability, and availability

Zoned Namespace (ZNS) SSDs are the latest evolution of host-managed flash storage, enabling improved performance at a lower cost-per-byte than traditional block interface SSDs. However, the ZNS interface is incompatible with existing software, and introduces new challenges when deploying arrays of these SSDs. This thesis builds on our existing work designing, implementing, and evaluating RAIZN, a system that exposes a logical volume with a zoned interface that provides RAID-like reliability and striping over ZNS SSDs. In this proposal, I detail our plans to implement and evaluate two major extensions to our existing system: Zone append support and configurable logical zone size. Thesis Committee: David G. Andersen (Chair) Gregory R. Ganger Michael Kaminsky Matias Bjørling (Western Digital) Zoom Participation. See announcement.

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Thesis Proposal