Computer Science Thesis Proposal

— 2:30pm

In Person and Virtual Presentation - ET - McWilliams Classrooms, Gates Hillman 4303 and Zoom

DEVDEEP RAY , Ph.D. Student

Video Codec and Transport Co-design for Emerging Internet Video Streaming Applications

Video streaming applications on the Internet are diverse, and have very distinct notions of the quality of experience (QoE). These distinctions require carefully designed systems and protocols to achieve the right trade-off for a specific application, balancing factors like video quality, delay, bandwidth utilization and encoder/decoder performance. While the trade-offs are clear cut for traditional video streaming applications (eg. conferencing, live TV broad-casts, video-on-demand), emerging video streaming applications like social live video streaming, cloud gaming and cloud AR/VR have unique properties and QoE requirements that make choosing the right trade-offs and achieving the desired QoE challenging.

Conventional video streaming techniques treat the two key aspects of video streaming,video encoding and data transmission, as separate entities. In this document, we explore techniques that use encoder and network co-design techniques tailored to the demands of specific video streaming applications.

Our work shows that integration of video encoding and network transport at various levels is crucial in achieving good QoE for emerging video streaming applications like social live streaming, cloud gaming and cloud AR/VR.

Thesis Committee:
Srinivasan Seshan (Chair)
Justine Sherry Martins
Anthony Rowe
David Chu (Magic Leap)

In Person and Zoom Participation. See announcement.

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