Computer Science Speaking Skills Talk

— 1:00pm

Traffic21 Classroom 6501 - Gates Hillman Centers


3D Machine Knitting

Industrial knitting machines are commonly used to manufacture complicated shapes from yarns. However, designing patterns for these machines requires training and machine knitting expertise.

In this talk, I will introduce machine knitting, discuss machine knittability of arbitrary 3D shapes and introduce our new design system -- a general visual programming interface for creating 3D objects with complex surface finishes on industrial knitting machines. At the core of our interface is a new, augmented stitch mesh data structure to represent machine knittable patterns. The augmented stitch mesh stores low-level knitting operations per-face and encodes the dependencies between faces using directed edge labels. Our system can generate augmented stitch meshes from 3D models, allows users to edit these meshes in a way that preserves their knittability, and can generate machine instructions by scheduling the execution order and location of each face for fabrication. I will present knitted results fabricated on an industrial knitting machine using our system to demonstrate the flexibility of our pipeline.

Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the CSD Speaking Skills Requirement

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