CMU Computer Club Spring Talk Series

Wednesday, March 28, 2018 - 8:00pm to 9:00pm


5415 Wean Hall



Reconfigurable Logic

GPUs are becoming an increasingly popular target for programmers looking to squeeze extra power out of their computers. Attend this talk to see how GPGPU (General-Purpose Computing on Graphics Processing Units) programming allows computationally heavy tasks to be mapped onto hardware originally designed for drawing triangles.

DEVOPS! Hippest of buzzwords, earner of thousands! Learn to harness the immense power of devops for yourself, by coming to the Spring 2018 Computer Club Workshop/Talk Series. We will tell you the tricks that will allow you to transcend the annoyances of administration and offenses of operations, and return to the elegant, pure simplicity of raw code!

These talks take place on Wednesdays starting at 8:00 PM in Wean 5415 throughout the semester.

The series schedule is also available as an iCalendar file which is compatible with all calendaring software.

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