Transferring College Course Credits

For Current Carnegie Mellon Undergraduates, Faculty, Advisors & Staff

You can transfer courses to Carnegie Mellon that you complete at another college or university if the course has been approved for transfer credit *before* you take the course. This applies to every course you may take outside of CMU for potential transfer credit.

If you do not get pre-approval, you risk getting no credit for the course(s) you take elsewhere.

Once approved, CMU gives you credit as long as your final grade in the course(s) you are transferring is either an "A", "B", or "C" from a major college or university, or "A" or "B" from a smaller regional college or community college. The course units (credit) transfers to CMU, but not the grade. Grades for transfer courses are not counted into a student's QPA.

  • Talk with your advisor and keep them informed of your requests. Your advisor will be included in our email to you about transfer courses.
    • Use a separate request form for each course you want evaluated for transfer credit back to Carnegie Mellon.
    • Detailed information about course content is required before a course can be evaluated.
    • You will be notified via email when your request has been received and also upon approval or denial.
    • SCS reserves the right to reject applications for transfer credit for courses already taken that were not pre-approved.
    • Check with your advisor to see if courses taken during a suspension can transfer back to CMU.
    • If you plan to use this course for a minor or additional major, you must also secure approval from that department for the course to count toward a minor or additional major.
  • Required Information for the term the student will take the course:

    • Dates of intended course

    • Institution offering the course

    • Course number, name & credits or units

    • Semester, quarter, trimester or summer course?

    • Course description (URL & PDF or DOCX upload)

    • Most recent course syllabus* (URL & PDF or DOCX upload)

    • Grading policy

    • Academic integrity policy (PDF or DOCX upload)

    • Exam proctoring policy if this is an online course (PDF or DOCX upload)

    • CMU course matching the course you plan to take

     *NOTE: If a URL for the syllabus is not available online, please contact the instructor of the course and request the syllabus for that term.

  • Note there is specific information needed depending on whether you are:

    1. A School of Computer Science student seeking evaluation of external transfer course(s) for transfer back to CMU.
    2. A Carnegie Mellon student seeking evaluation of external transfer course(s) for School of Computer Sciences courses.
    3. An advisor, faculty, or staff member seeking evaluation of external transfer course(s) for students.

    You will make the appropriate selection on the first page of the online request form.

    If you have questions about the form or process please send questions to:

Additional Transfer Information

This form is NOT to be used for: